Employee Benefits

Private Housing or Housing Allowance

Private housing is provided for by Independent Healthcare Staffing. Our standard housing package consists of a one bedroom apartment with a furnished living area, kitchen and bedroom.

IHS selects housing based on: 1) Safety, and 2) Proximity to facility. IHS will put the utilities in our name and pay up to $100.00 monthly toward your utility usage. Telephone, cable or additional packages (dishes, towels, etc.) are the responsibility of the traveler. If you want something included in your housing package, just ask and we’ll provide full details of getting it for you. Additional arrangements can also be made at cost (additional bedrooms, pets, etc.). Housing Allowance amounts paid based on location and calculated using legal guidelines - non taxed if you qualify. Tax Free housing allowance is available, however IRS rules do not permit companies such as Independent Healthcare Staffing to provide housing accommodations ALONG with an IRS approved housing allowance.

At IHS, you are welcomed to travel with family members, companions and pets as long as you notify us in advance. For questions regarding housing, please contact our Housing Director.


Independent Healthcare Staffing travelers are paid weekly, provided the traveler’s timesheet is received on time (Mondays by noon EST). Pay is provided via direct deposit.

Holiday Pay

Holiday Pay is provided for holidays observed at your assignment facilities. Such holiday pay for working the observed holidays will be outlined in your contract.

Per Diem ‘Tax Advantage’ Plan

The IRS allows travelers certain tax free "per diems" for meals and incidentals, which apply to traveling professionals. Independent Healthcare Staffing uses the approved IRS guidelines for all travelers who choose to take advantage of this program. We protect your best interests to ensure that this benefit is applied properly so that you aren't penalized on your yearly income taxes.

Ask your recruiter for an explanation and details of this popular program.

Licensure Reimbursement

Up to 125.00 per renewal period.


Independent Healthcare Staffing offers many different bonus opportunities. Bonuses are rewards for outstanding qualities or choices that we value in our employees such as longevity, attendance, referrals, paperwork/credential compliance, shared housing and others. With a little effort, there are many chances to qualify.


Independent Healthcare Staffing will match up to 4% of your salary (not your contribution!) You are 100% vested from day 1 and you may enroll at any time after your 30th day of employment and you have worked a minimum of 468 hours.

Employee Handbook - Available on-line

An Employee Handbook available on-line for easy access to all travelers. Hard copies available upon request.

24 Hour Contact

All Independent Healthcare Staffing employees have access to a 24 hour pager number to be used ONLY for emergencies. This gives you 24 hour access to an IHS management level employee in the event of an emergency situation.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

They're FREE! IHS travelers are provided with paid continuing education courses that may be accessed via our website. You are able to print your own certificates of successful completion and if you choose, your CEUs will be automatically sent to the Board of Nursing in your home state.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning processes help you meet your life goals through proper management of your finances. Such goals could include the purchase of a home, college funding, paying your mortgage off ahead of schedule, or planning for retirement, as examples. Get the help you need to reach your goals by planning direction and meaning to your financial decisions and understand how your financial decisions affect other areas of your finances. Expert advice provides reduction of risks and management of your funds so that your money works to your advantage.

For details, contact:
Steve Gamble
(803) 329-3607

ID: Independent Healthcare

Identity Theft Protection Program

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 1 of 3 Americans will have their Identity stolen this year. Protect yourself (including your spouse) for a fee of less than $15.00 per month. This is a protection service that any IHS Traveler may continue on a month to month basis. This service is an elective service by the IHS Traveler. If you enroll, the coverage is for you (and your spouse, if you choose, at no additional cost). This service is available to all travelers regardless of your location within the entire United States and the ten provinces of Canada.

Joint Commission Certification

Independent Healthcare Staffing is proud to be a Joint Commission Certified Healthcare Staffing Company, ensuring that processes are in place and adhered to in order to protect your best interests and licensure.

Job Postings - (updated and online)

IHS updates all job postings on our website DAILY, Monday through Friday of each week (usually by 12:00 noon, EST). This pertains to all Travel Nursing and Allied Health postings, as well as a few Permanent Placement opportunities. Please check all of our Nursing and Allied Health positions, located by clicking the 'Employment' tab on the top the menu of our homepage.

Major Medical Insurance Benefits

IHS provides our employees with PAID major medical insurance coverage through United Healthcare, effective on the first day of the month after employment begins. United Healthcare provides NATIONAL COVERAGE and has providers throughout all 50 states. This is a premium PPO Plan designed to provide comprehensive coverage.

Additionally, you may for a premium, also elect to provide coverage for:

  • Spouse
  • Child(ren)
  • Family

Furthermore, your PAID insurance coverage also provides the following additional coverage:

  • Prescription (co-pay)
  • Dental

You may select additional benefit coverage, including additional Life and AD&D, vision, Gap coverage and others for a weekly premium. See Supplemental Insurance Choices section below.

COBRA Insurance, as required by law, will be offered to all exiting employees of Independent Healthcare Staffing. You will receive your COBRA option notification within 14 days of your exit date. The name of the IHS administrator organization for COBRA is Discovery. Once you receive your COBRA information in the mail, you will have 60 days to make a decision and up to 45 days more to submit the enrollment forms and a check to CobraGuard in order to become covered with insurance coverage under COBRA guidelines. Please be aware that the money due to CobraGuard will be retroactive, monthly, from your exit date to present date for insurance coverage under COBRA laws.

Online Forms

Forms for employment and required yearly updates are located online through the IHS website. You may print, read, sign and fax back to us (all IHS faxes are operative 24 x 7). IHS travelers are not permitted to start an assignment unless all required paperwork is received prior to your assignment start date. Upon hire, an IHS Compliance Specialist will contact you with deadline dates to have your paperwork completed and received at IHS. Your Compliance Specialist is responsible for seeing that your assignment starts trouble free with the client facility of your choice.

Liability Insurance

At no cost to you IHS maintains your Liability Insurance, protecting your licensure and right to practice in your field. Our coverage exceeds the standard coverage provided by most firms. We take the protection of your professional status seriously.

Supplemental Insurance Choices

In addition to your paid insurance benefits, Independent Healthcare Staffing also offers additional options for insurance coverage for cost. Through Colonial Life Insurance Company, you may also elect to pay a weekly premium for any of the following additional coverage plans:

  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

For details, contact:
Pete Reynolds
(803) 798-5328
ID: Independent Healthcare

You may also select LIFE INSURANCE options. This means low costs to you with the following features:

  • Additional Term Life Insurance for yourself
  • Additional Term Life Insurance for your spouse / child(ren)
  • Low premium rates
  • No physical required to join

Note: These options are in ADDITION to the paid coverage provided in your major medical coverage (for those who wish to carry more insurance than your paid insurance plan offers).

For questions regarding any of the additional insurance options available to you, contact our Office Manager at 800-536-3001.

Travel Pay

IHS pays travel pay to and from the assignment, up to $750.00 per assignment.

Travelers Resources

Online contact information for all regulatory boards for both Nursing and Allied Health fields are located for your easy access. In addition, other valuable information related to the needs of the traveling professional are also found on this area of our website.

Workers Compensation Insurance

As required by law, IHS provides paid workers compensation insurance on each traveler. Should you become injured on the job, within 24 hours you must complete an incident report. These can be found on our website or you may contact your recruiter for a copy of the form. Complete the form with detailed information.

Within 24 hours of incident/accident you are required to file a claim with the insurance company by calling 1-866-840-1223 as well as submit the completed incident form to IHS. This ensures that you will be covered by the workers compensation insurance. You may also refer to the proper procedure in your employee handbook located on the IHS website.