About Us

We are a company owned and operated by travelers.

We have been travelers and been on regular staff in many different clinical settings. We have experienced the emotional and physical demands asked of you, as well as jumped through the same hoops you have to jump through for management and administration. We also want to ease the experience of getting you situated in a new place, starting your new assignment and seeing what the area has to offer. We will use our knowledge and experience in this industry to provide a great assignment and pay you what you are worth.

We will, without fail, work with you to make each assignment what you want it to be. Let us know what you want and we will make every effort to make it happen. At IHS everyone understands this and will do all that is possible to assist you.

If you want a travel company to send you pens and mouse pads, books and carry bags or the like, you will have to ask us for it. We put all efforts into getting you the most pay, good, safe housing and a full benefits package. You are the foundation of healthcare and you should be paid and treated like it.

At IHS, we look out for our employees first. That is why we established a traveler owned and operated corporation. We are a business, and it takes money to run it, but calculate what we need to keep the office running and pass the rest on to you. Please take a few moments to fill out the application and skills checklist and we will get you on your way.

If we can provide you with any information or answer any questions, just give us a call.

Join our team and have more control in your career.

The Short Version

Independent Healthcare Staffing was started by 2 Registered Nurses who met on a Travel Assignment in South Carolina. They each had over 12 years of experience in multiple settings from bedside to management and everywhere in between, along with over 4 years of travel nursing for various companies. With both of them having the desire to do something better for their professional peers that could also utilize their experience, a Travel Nursing Firm seemed like a perfect fit. Why not create the company they wished they had worked for while they were traveling? A company that does the right thing and is upfront and truthful. One where travelers want to stay with them and are a true part of the family.
That is just what they did!